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7 August 2023

New course to undo bias and privilege in development organisations’ communication practices

08 August - Johannesburg, South Africa: Africa No Filter, the not-for-profit working on narrative change on the continent, today launched a new digital course that will improve how communication professionals in development organisations tell stories of their projects in Africa.

14 October 2021,  Africa No Filter

What Time’s list of the 100 most influential people globally says about leadership in Africa

We went into Time magazine’s digital archive from 2011 to 2021 and were pleasantly surprised – although Nigeria tops the list, leaders from 21 countries have been featured, including Eritrea and Somalia.

29 September 2021

Up your game with these grants and funding opportunities for creatives

We’ve curated grants and funding opportunities for African musicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers and art and culture organisations.

27 September 2021,  Africa No Filter

African Youth Arts Festival – Opportunity for Emerging Artists to shine

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - 24 September 2021: The African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) and the narrative change organization Africa No Filter (ANF) today announced the launch of a visual art competition aimed at boosting the profiles of art and artists on the continent.

22 September 2021

African Youth Arts Festival Contest

Are you a talented African visual artist based on the continent?

Are you aged between 18 - 35?

Do you have an online portfolio or examples of your work?

Are you creating visual narratives that are authentic, creative and contemporary?

If so, this opportunity is for you!

16 September 2021,  Africa No Filter

One thing about Twitter? It shows that Africans are curious about the rest of the continent beyond their own countries

Covid-19, Big Brother Nigeria, basketball, and politics got the Twitterverse talking about Africa in August. We know this from our monthly analysis of tweets, replies and re-tweets that mentioned Africa and any of the 54 African countries, as well as hashtags that were tagged with African countries to find out Africans were talking about.

9 September 2021,  Africa No Filter

Jobs, sports betting, and Covid-19 continue leading Google Searches in Africa - but Egyptians and Mauritians were most interested in tantalising their taste buds in August.

We ask Google what the most searched topics are in Africa every month to see how the continent is feeling. Searches related to jobs, sports betting, Covid-19, smartphones, cars, politics and international relations were popular.

31 August 2021,  Africa No Filter

#HotOpportunities in September: elevate your game with these opportunities for African creatives and storytellers

Upskill your hustle with these opportunities for filmmakers, journalists, photographers, activists, researchers, and cultural managers. Give your application a chance to shine by watching ANF Academy workshops win Grant writing for Creatives and Budgeting and Financial Management.

20 August 2021,  Africa No Filter

How to manage your grant money like a pro

Getting the funding is the easy part, the hard work starts when the money lands in your account. Funders are not just looking for great ideas aligned to their mission, they also want to know their money is well-spent. This is where financial management and budgeting skills come in.