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28 November 2022

Global funders renew commitment to shift negative stereotypes about Africa

28 November, Johannesburg: Five Global funders have renewed their commitment to support the narrative change organization Africa No Filter for another two years. The donor collaborative, which was started in 2020, has been advocating for better representation of Africa in the media and arts and culture space since its inception.

24 January 2022

Des artistes africains vont réaliser des projets déterminants pour leur carrière dans le cadre du programme de bourses pour artistes émergents de Africa No Filter

Voici quelques-unes des histoires produites par 11 artistes émergents participant au programme de bourses pour artistes émergents de Africa No Filter, permettant à des artistes en début ou en milieu de carrière de travailler sur des projets déterminants pour la suite de leur carrière.

18 January 2022

Une nouvelle initiative médiatique pour mieux appréhender la couverture de l'Afrique par les médias internationaux

L'indice mondial des médias examinera 20 grandes plateformes médiatiques internationales afin d'analyser la manière dont elles racontent l'histoire de l'Afrique, quelles voix sont entendues, quels sujets sont prioritaires et comment ils sont couverts. L'index mondial des médias mettra également en évidence les meilleures pratiques en matière de reportage sur le continent.

18 January 2022

New media initiative to put global media’s coverage of Africa under the spotlight

The Global Media Index will put 20 leading global media platforms under the microscope to analyse how they tell Africa’s stories, whose voices are being heard, which topics are prioritised, and how they are covered. The Global Media Index will also highlight best practices in reporting on the continent.

6 December 2021

Africa No Filter and Meta announce a new fund to improve Virtual Reality in Africa’s storytelling

Africa No Filter, a narrative change organisation, and Meta have announced a partnership to launch “Future Africa: Telling Stories, Building Worlds” program, aimed at boosting the use of Virtual Reality in Africa’s storytelling.

1 December 2021,  Arekpitan Ikhenaode

Global Media Expert David Cornwall Shares His Tips for Taking Your Content Global

Global audiences are hungry for unique and little known stories that they can make an emotional connection to. Add to this the growth of streaming services and video content on social media, and African filmmakers already have a foot in the door of the global film market.

12 November 2021,  Arekpitan Ikhenaode

Who is Influencing Twitter Conversations About Climate Change in Africa?

Climate change was bound to be one of the biggest conversations of 2021 with COP26 currently taking place in Glasgow, United Kingdom. As it goes with everything that is making news in Africa and globally, we turned to the world’s soapbox - Twitter - to find how climate action comes up in conversations about Africa.

11 November 2021,  Africa No Filter

Corruption is the most common story Africa’s youth hear about the continent

Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi - 10 November 2021: Young people in North Africa are unlikely to befriend, date or marry someone from sub-Saharan Africa. This revelation was made in the ‘One Africa?’ report which unpacks narratives about Pan-Africanism and continental integration.

11 November 2021,  Africa No Filter

La corruption est le sujet le plus courant que les jeunes Africains entendent à propos de leur continent

Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi - 10 novembre 2021 : Il est peu probable que les jeunes d’Afrique du Nord se lient d’amitié, se mettent en couple ou épousent une personne originaire d’Afrique subsaharienne. Cette révélation a été faite dans le cadre du rapport « One Africa ? », qui analyse les récits sur le panafricanisme et l’intégration africaine.