Gates Foundation/Storify Africa 2023

The Gates Foundation/Storify Africa Fellowship is working with journalists and content creators in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa to tell alternative stories about maternal and child health, agricultural productivity, financial inclusion and gender equality. Meet the Fellows:

Masbé Ndengar - Burkina Faso

Blogger and human rights activist Masbé Ndengar is passionate about human rights, justice and democracy.

Nelle Mandengue - Cameroon

Nelle Mandengue has over a decade of experience as a journalist and photographer. He covers business, economy, culture, society, innovation and tech for Forbes Africa.

Sihle Gcilitshana - South Africa

Sihle Gcilitshana is a social justice activist, social entrepreneur, writer, and multidisciplinary research scholar whose work focuses on human rights, social justice, and transformation.

Lucy Githugo - Kenya

From the bustling streets of Nairobi to the remote villages of Togo, Lucy Githugo is a mission to uncover the untold narratives that shape our world.

Kate Okorie - Nigeria

Science journalist Kate Okorie champions ethical storytelling as a tool to tell better stories about the intersections between health, climate change, gender, and politics.

Uyapo Mahajana - South Africa

Climate activist and environmental science journalist Uyapo Mahajana’s work illuminates the link between climate justice issues and social issues like poverty, homelessness, food security and migration.

Emebet Demeke - Ethiopia

Emebet Demeke is a journalist and podcaster. She also produces and hosts a TV show called Mama Africa, which focuses on gender and family issues.

Thuku Kariuki - Kenya

Journalist and filmmaker Thuku Kariuki is the co-founder and production manager at Afrika Live Media. His short stories, features and documentaries are mainly on environmental and water issues.

Meti Teshome - Ethiopia

Meti Teshome is a multitalented journalist who believes in telling African stories that promote a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the continent and its people, and an appreciation for Africa’s contributions to the world.

Dorcas Bello - Nigeria

Dorcas Bello is a multiple award-winning multimedia journalist and the brains behind the Unzipped Stories Africa podcast.

Tigist Amare & Hawi Bussa - Ethiopia

Tigist Amare and Hawi Bussa of Awaze Media are working on a four-part series that explores maternal and child health, financial inclusion, gender equality and youth empowerment.

Ebiye Suowari - Nigeria

Ebiye Suowari is a podcast enthusiast with a passion for connecting people with impact-driven ideas, culture and information from across Africa.

Ndume Green - Nigeria

Ndume Green is creating short films about climate change, maternal and child health, financial inclusion and gender equality.

Ian Njuguna - Kenya

Visual artist Ian Njuguna tells stories through illustration, motion design and graphic design. He’s producing a set of illustrations.

Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile - South Africa

Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile is a multimedia journalist and feminist content creator whose centers around creating a safe space for mothers and women to speak and live their truth without fear.

Anne Chisa - South Africa

Scientist and award-winning science communicator Anne Chisa founded The Root of The Science podcast to amplify African voices in STEM fields on a global scale.

Mamounata Nikièma - Burkina Faso

Mamounata Nikièma founded Pilumpiku Production in 2011 to change the way people look at Africa through stories that create a new narrative for the continent

Allen Savai - Kenya

2D animation producer Allen Savai’s four-part series explores how digital technologies are changing access to health across Africa.

Andile Msomi – South Africa

Andile Msomi is a Black and queer feminist whose work centred around humanising and celebrating the experiences of Black and queer individuals.

Mamello Sejake - South Africa

Mamello Sejake is a writer, content creator, ungovernable sexual education workshop facilitator, researcher, and a passionate pleasure activist.

Beryl Achieng - Kenya

Beryl Achieng is a multimedia content creator. I have worked as a producer, video editor, videographer and photographer, working extensively across all genres of production from documentaries, short films, and commercials to TV productions, web stories and news stories.