Future Africa: Telling Stories, Building Worlds

Selected from Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Cameroon, and Kenya, the XR creators will use music, multimedia installations, films and sculpture to explore projects around spirituality, heritage, the Cosmos, memory, imagination, masculinity, and fluid spaces.

The Future Africa: Telling Stories, Building Worlds is a partnership between narrative-change organisation Africa No Filter (ANF) and Meta, aiming to centre African stories in future technologies. The program, launched in December 2021 as part of ANF's work of supporting storytellers, also sits at the convergence of innovation and storytelling and how XR can tell compelling African stories that are contemporary, narrative-shifting and immersive.

The artists will be supported with funding of up to $30,000 and also participate in XR-industry events to improve their creativity and drive interest in their projects. They will also access mentorship from Electric South and Imisi3D.

Dylan Valley - South Africa

Dylan Valley is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, educator and a PhD student in media studies at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Lara Sousa - Mozambique

Lara Sousa is a director, producer, and founder of Kulunga Filmes, a production company whose main objective is to produce films by emerging...

Michelle Angawa - Kenya

Michelle Angawa is a film editor, climate justice enthusiast and XR Curator. She is the co-founderExposition Media and alumni of the La Femis Université D’été, Paris.

Malik Afebuga - Nigeria

Malik Afebuga is a versatile creative who can tell stories. His skills range from film directing to sound design and Augmented Reality.

Pierre-Christophe Gam - Cameroon

Pierre-Christophe Gam sees his practice as a continuation of the great tradition of Griot, the storytellers and guardians of the memory of the community in ancient West African societies.

Nirma Madhoo - Mauritius

Nirma Madhoo is a fashion filmmaker, XR creator and teacher. She is a PhD candidate researching immersive technologies for digital fashion praxis.

Xabiso Vili - South Africa

Xabiso Vili is a multi-award winning performer, writer, new media artist, producer and social activist. He believes that art offers humanity a path toward integration, joy and healing.