LitFest Harare

Convening 26 August 2022

LitFest Harare is working to develop arts and culture in Zimbabwe and in Africa by organising events and creating platforms for idea exchange, information sharing and critical analysis of the many issues that affect Africans. We partnered with them for the 2022 edition of the Black History Month Symposium. “Prevailing stereotypes about Africa don’t tell the true story of the continent, its challenges, and the efforts of Africans to lead the way in solving their problems. stereotypes by telling the story of African ingenuity and invention, as well as showcasing the efforts and achievements of community-driven solutions by Africans, we can ensure that the true story about Africa begins to be told,” said Chirikure Chirikure.

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The often neglected contributions of people of African descent to the development of global health and wellness were highlighted at the 2022 LitFest Harare Black History Month Symposium. Over 140 people attended the 3-day event to showcase Africans' solidarity and unity with people of African descent and in the diaspora by joining them in celebrating Black History Month. 

The symposium also highlighted how literature and art by Africans and people of African descent contribute to conversations and awareness on health and wellness. “This grant was pivotal in shifting the perception that Africa lags behind the rest of the world in the fields of health and wellness.” The event had 148 participants and reached audiences in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Scotland, the UK, the USA, Eswatini, South Africa, and Zambia. It had more than 9000 online engagements.