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18 November 2022

This is how Tongaat got running water after 200 dry days

In April, storms lashed Durban, claiming 460 lives and displacing 6 000 people. More than 8 000 houses, many informal and built on unstable foundations, slid down the city’s hills as the rains poured. Climate reports say these were among the worst weather events on the continent this year.

18 November 2022

How an Engineering Company in Nigeria is Recycling Old Electronics to Make New Ones at Little Cost

It was the first day of the much-anticipated Egoras Trade Fair in Port Harcourt, Southern Nigeria. The company said it would sell refurbished electronics at steep discounts, up to 70% off. At different corners of the mini-football field, where the items were on display. The company printed about 1,500 tickets for the event. There was one problem: more than 5,000 people showed up.

14 November 2022

An art show in Senegal aims to link Africa’s lost history with the present

In a life-sized compound located in the heart of the marbled hall of the Doudou Ndiaye Coumba Rose National Grand Theatre, Alioune Diagne offers a retrospective of Senegal’s history.

14 November 2022

Ride-Hailing Services Find Success in Africa; Will This Help the Drivers?

Ride-hailing services are finding success in Africa thanks to rapid smartphone adoption, reliable internet connection, mobile payments services and a drastic shift in consumer needs on the continent that values convenience.

14 November 2022

Africans abroad: Living the dream — in South Africa

In 2008, Sandras Phiri and his wife decided to up sticks and move overseas to take advantage of larger economies and more opportunities than they had at home. At first, they looked at Europe.

14 November 2022

Kenya upgrades it’s ‘Silicon Savannah’ drawcard

Kenya’s tech startup ecosystem — among the hottest on the continent — is looking to attract even more overseas interest as the country launches an International Financial Centre and giant tech firms renew their interest in East Africa’s “Silicon Savannah”.

14 November 2022

Aproko Doctor Is Ensuring That Everyone Understands The Need for Medical Awareness

Dr Chinonso Fidelis Egemba, 31, was in his fourth year at Nnamdi Azikiwe University when he and some of his medical student colleagues helped diagnose a stroke patient.

28 October 2022

This Young African Gaming Star Now Has An International Platform From Which She Addresses Sexism & Racism In E-Sports

Sylvia Gathoni‘s passion has turned into a career, allowing her to travel the world. It’s also given her a platform – one she’s using to highlight issues of sexism and racism in e-sports.