Africa No Filter and Mastercard Foundation Climate Hub

Imani Nsamila - Tanzania

Photographer and videographer Imani Nsamila’s work documents humanitarian, environmental and climate change stories. The multiple-award winner has organized and curated several photo exhibitions on climate change and environmental issues, both in Tanzania and outside of the country.

David Nkwa - Nigeria

David Nkwa has turned his passion for exploring Nigeria and telling unique African stories into compelling YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram platforms that entertain and educate by showcasing cultures, landmarks, places, and issues that are rarely known.

Lwazi Msipha - South Africa

Lwazi Msipha is an award-winning animator, filmmaker, and writer with a passion for innovative storytelling and captivating visuals. He’s the founder of Old Fashioned Youngin, a platform dedicated to bringing African stories to life and breaking new ground in the animation field.

Andréa Magnon - Togo

Andréa Magnon is a Biologist, entrepreneur, and web editor passionate about sustainable development. Her work focuses on climate issues and youth action around climate change. She has won several awards including the Anzisha Prize and the Togo Digital Awards.

Baha Lajmi - Tunisia

Baha Lajmi is a content creator, science communicator and founder of Draw My Science, the first science YouTube channel in Tunisia. The channel makes science accessible to a wider range of people through fun and creative content.

Mohamed Okash - Somalia

Mohamed Okash is an environmentalist and researcher currently serving as the Director of the ICE Institute at SIMAD University, a leading environmental think and do-tank in Somalia. He’s also a member of the Climate Expert Network of the Global Shapers Community.

Anita Soina - Kenya

Anita Soina is a climate advocate and an SDG and sustainability Influencer from the Maasai community in Kenya. Her organization, SpiceWarriors, is building a movement of African youth and children who are passionate about climate justice.

Bola Edwards - Nigeria

Bola Edwards is an entrepreneur, producer and voice actor. She co-founded Proud African Roots, a content and development company, with Patrick Edwards. The company produces original world-class content for children and teenagers using African Indigenous ideas and cultural concepts.

Abigael Kima - Kenya

Abigael Kima is a renewable energy enthusiast, a climate justice advocate and founder of the Hali Hewa podcast. It’s one of Africa's first youth-led podcasts profiling African activists and climate experts on themes including a just energy transition, loss and damage, youth participation in intergovernmental processes and indigenous rights.

Alescandre Guibert Lette - Senegal

Alescandre Guibert Lette is a journalist and environmental activist who uses his platforms to advocate for a more sustainable world. He’s working on an eight-episode podcast that speaks to Senegalese youths and women entrepreneurs on how they adapted to climate change.

Alex Taremwa - Uganda

Ugandan journalist Alex Taremwa founded Last Drop Africa – a media non-profit organization covering climate change issues – to create storytelling platforms that use podcasts, mini-documentaries, long-form articles, and community engagements to tell better climate stories.