We disrupt and advocate for narrative change. Africa No Filter is the narrative watchdog for the continent. We are tracking, recording and sharing learnings and data around stereotypical narratives. We use our voice and our platforms to applaud narrative changemakers and identify harmful narratives as they emerge. If you see examples of harmful storytelling we should highlight tag us on social media at @Africanofilter or email us at

Why We Need to Change the Way We Write About Africa

Stories - and the words and images used to tell them - matter. Repeat them over time, and they become the defining narrative of a people and place.

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Ethical Storytelling Handbook

Storytelling is the most powerful way for donor and non-governmental organisations to convey their work because stories allow audiences to connect on both an intellectual and emotional level.

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Global Media Index 4 Africa

The Global Media Index 4 Africa is a way for ANF to address the way international outlets and agencies cover Africa.

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Solutions Communications

This is a theory of communications that can be applied by communicators, particularly those in the development sector, to change the way they present their work and storytelling in Africa.

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