Selly Thiam

Selly Thiam is a Senegalese-American journalist and oral historian whose work has appeared on NPR, PBS and in the New York Times. She was a producer for the StoryCorps Oral History Project, PBS’ Learning Matters and a Carnegie Fellow at the ABC News Investigative Unit.

She is the founder and Executive Director of None on Record, a digital media organization documenting the stories of Africans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

The LGBT movement in Africa

Faced with a gap in its historical documentation, the project will examine if homosexuality existed in Africa pre-conversation, and produce a four-part video series that recreates four stories from a historical context. 

The first story will feature the first president of Zimbabwe, Canaan Banana who was a gay man charged with sodomy. The second story will be of a Ugandan king, a gay king who was alleged to have killed 23 of his pages because they refused to have sex with him. The documentary will be made open and available through as many distribution platforms as possible. There will also be grassroots screening for places that do not have Internet connections.