Rebecca Pointer

Rebecca Pointer is a researcher and leading the Emerging Scholars Fellowship at ANF.

Rebecca’s life has been driven by a quest for fairness in the world and a passion for writing. This led to studying Journalism at Rhodes University, then on to an MA in political communication, and currently working on my PhD in political communication. Her politics has tended to focus on community-based engagements in under-resourced communities.

The community-based organizations she has worked with always express a great deal of agency in addressing their challenges, but they have often been misrepresented in society. This misrepresentation of vulnerable communities as passive recipients of assistance links to my work at ANF in that we are challenging the very same misrepresentation and are working to show that Africans have tremendous agency.

She has also worked in the NGO environment for 25 years, looking for equity on a range of issues such as access to healthcare, alternative economics, municipal service provision, adult education, and land redistribution.