A24 Media - Yebo

Media 8 July 2022

A24 Media is a pan-African media agency founded by entrepreneur, Asif Sheikh. It has become a leader in narrative changing and how the continent is perceived. A24 Media's Project Support Grant will support Yebo, a Video On Demand platform that delivers African shows, documentaries and features.

"This opportunity is a boost for the vision we had when we started Yebo, we wanted to be a watering hole for African conversation through producing and disseminating stories that are informative and educational.
We strongly feel that this opportunity will give us a chance to do content that resonates with today’s changing taste of the audience. Also, we will get a chance to market the platform better and make more people aware of a place they can come to consume content that is Pan African," said Sheikh.

"Africa has a huge potential. In our travels, we have seen the spirit of resilience in its true self, we have seen people build and scale brands, we have seen people build solutions that impact communities. These are inspirational stories that will inspire future generations, generations who will shape the continent as it works towards achieving Agenda 2063."

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How do you crowd in new narratives about Africa while also empowering the next generation of the continent’s storytellers? 

A24 Media’s Yebo is a nine-episode documentary series exploring history, agriculture, and an explainer series called How It Works. The production was used to create a three-month digital storytelling course, which had 60 students from 28 African countries. The series reached an audience of 3300 on Facebook and YouTube.