Africa No Filter Story Agency

These are the stories that the Africa No Filter story agency wants to tell, stories of creativity, innovation, arts & culture, and human interest.

The Africa No Filter Story Agency is Africa’s first digital-only, soft news agency. We will work with 12 multimedia journalists from 12 countries – 1 each from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, DRC, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Egypt and Morocco to tell stories of innovation, creativity and human interest. 

The program is a result of Africa No Filter’s research into how the media in Africa covers Africa. The research surveyed 38 African editors, analyzed content from 60 African news outlets in 15 countries (Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC, Egypt, Tunisia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal) between September and October 2020. 

In addition, four facilitated focus groups were held with 25 editors of African media, editors of Pan African outlets and international correspondents. The results confirm challenges and experiences that are common knowledge within the industry: advertising revenue and newsrooms are shrinking, influencing the kind of news that Africans read and that news is largely negative and conflict-filled. 

Key findings from the report show that the sources for news gathering on African countries are problematic, the resulting content continues to feed old stereotypes, and often the quality of local journalism doesn't allow for nuanced and contextualised storytelling that is critical for telling stories about the 54 countries in Africa.

You can read the 'How African Media Covers Africa' report here.